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Jay Brannan

I went to see Jay Brannan this week at the Barfly in Camden. If you don't know him, he's mainly a youtube artist who just plays a guitar and sings, no extras. He's got an amazing voice and rights some really witty, clever, moving songs. He was also in John Cameron Mitchell's movie Shortbus. So anyway, he put on a really good show, and did a fair amount of songs, including his cover of Nina's cover of NWA's Straight Outta Compton.

At one point he started talking about another cool youtube artist who was at the show and going to do a duet, I got all excited and it was well worth it because Terra Naomi got on the stage!!! They did a great duet of Say It's Possible! She was way cool, and was awesome to see these two guys together. I had forgotten that Terra had moved to London, so can't wait to see some of her shows around here.

Last weekend I made a flying visit to Edinburgh for a couple of nights of fun, and some great days too. I packed so much in, saw almost everybody I wanted to and had a great time. I also got to see my sisters new flat in Haymarket, and it made me sad. I forgot how big rooms in Edinburgh were, compared to my diddy sized room in London!

I don't feel like doing anything at all today, and its such a rank day outside, I may just stay in bed allllll day!
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